Look For Less: Anna Sophia Robb Pink Jeans

by - 10:53 PM

  1. White Tank
  2. Fuchsia Jeans
  3. Tall Boots
  4. Black Blazer

Hey divas! As you requested, here I bring you my latest look for less! As I mentioned in the past, I don't like doing these often because I feel these outfits aren't "me" but then I figured doing them once in a while can't hurt. However, due to the fact that I have done a very similar look in the past I will not do these directly on myself , instead I will provide you with similar items and where you can purchase them.

I chose Anna Sophia Robb; young star of the new show called "The Carrie Diaries"  which I love by the way. I chose this look because it's simple yet very chic that you can wear anywhere day or night. You can make it glamorous by adding heels, nice jewelry, and a clutch, or you can make it more winter appropriate by adding a wool coat, beret, and some leather gloves.

Hope you enjoyed today's look for less, have a great day and thank you  for reading my humble space.

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