Spring 2013 Trends I'm Loving

by - 8:58 PM

Spring is approaching and you don't want to get caught red handed without being prepared for it. Fashion this year is more daring, we are going to see a lot of color, prints, and unexpected mixes. Here are some of my fave trends for spring 2013!

Wild Animals Graphics Tees: I love felines! What more can I say? 
These are a great alternative for the plain  solid tees.

Lime : I love this color , it looks great with other bright hues like pink, orange,
 and blue, but you can also pair with neutrals for a more elegant look.

Skater Skirts: These have been a hit since last year, well, this spring they are  
going to be everywhere in a variety of lengths.

Chunky Necklaces: There is some sort of sexiness to these necklaces.
 I am liking the ones that are coming in neon and pastel colors.

Zig Zag Cardigans: Geo print, mirror print, and tribal print are also some of my faves. I think at least one of these is a must have because we are going to start transitioning from heavy coats, and these are a great option to stay fashionable and warm.

Stripes:  Horizontal or vertical, stripes are the new leopard. I feel that most people wear stripes with the traditional
red and blue but I like to see this pattern combined with orange, pink, and yellow for a change.

Purple Nails: I am currently obsessing with nails in this color.
 They automatically brighten your toes and hands!

Floral: Spring isn't spring without floral dresses, period!

High Low Skirts: I feel like slit skirts are going to take over but high lows are more spring- like to me,
they are  very whimsical. 

Chunky Sandals: Last but not least, chunky heels! Yes! Pastel colored,
neon , neutrals, these sandals are going rock your world! 

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