Wet N Wild Summer 2016 Limited Edition Collection: Is It Worth The Hype?

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If you are a beauty junkie, you would know by now about the craze for the new Wet N Wild Summer 2016 limited edition collection. This collection started to circulate around end on April on drugstores such as; Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid but due to its high demand not everyone had been able to get their hands on these products. Until recently, WNW released it on their website and you can now get some of the items over there with the exception of the most coveted items which are the powder highlighters.

This collection instantly appealed to me due to the bright fun colors and not to mention the amazing price. I was lucky enough to find almost everything I wanted at a local Walgreens except for the Precious Petals highlighter. I'm not going to lie, I went to A LOT of Walgreens locations to find this magical powder people had been raving about until a point where I was tired and figured to just get one online. I just couldn't justify to pay $30 for an item that only costs $3.99, you know how it is with limited edition stuff, people try to make the business more lucrative by taking advantage of this fact. 

Luckily, I went on the app Mercari and a nice seller gave me a decent deal (Her username name is VanillaLatte1 and she may have a few left). Anyhow, got the darn powder and let me tell you it was completely worth it. 

The lip glosses are very pigmented and the duration isn't bad considering they are so affordable. I'm really loving the metallic effect these give. I wore one by itself and it gives this nice sheen but if worn over a lipstick or lip liner they look even more amazing! I got all of them except the purple one which I wasn't fond of. I also got one of the multi-sticks ant it's something you can use on your eyes, lips and cheeks. I used it as a base for eyeshadow it looked pretty good. I've never used one of these so, I'm still experimenting ways on how to use it. Last but not least, the highlighting powders are awesome, very fine and pigmented. I have been using a few highlighters from Colourpop but had wanted to try something in powder form, these are pretty great and natural looking. For reference, I'm in between NC40-42 and both powders look great on olive skin. The precious one is definitely the one everyone wants because it's more universal while the other one might be too dark to use as a highlighter but I'm sure deeper skin tones will find it to be much nicer than precious petals. 

From top to bottom: Coming up roses, my tulips are sealed (dupe for Kylie Heir lipgloss and Nars Orgasm lip gloss) chrysanthemum's the word, peony express, days of fuchsia passed.

Multistick in Light up my high-biscus

Highlighting powders in precious petals and crown of my canopy

The whole collection is amazing, WNW outdid themselves with this one. I've been a fan of their products for quite sometime and this is by far one of the best. 


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