Be Younique

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It's been a while since I do a product review about makeup. Lately, I just tend to share my opinion about it on Instagram but I will be posting these from time to time because I myself love to read about products that actually work with reviews you can actually trust.

My friend Pam sent me these as a gift and I'm really liking them. I had constantly seen the Younique brand everywhere on internet but like everything that is trendy, you start to wonder if it actually does what it says it does. Well, it does. I received 2 awesome items; Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lipstick in the Ocean Coral shade and the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+.

 I had been in the search for an orange matte lipstick that worked well with my olive skin. It's long wearing and very creamy, so make sure to exfoliate your lips for best application and then bloat with a little paper. If you're looking to replace that ol' red traditional lipstick for something that says Summer in a tube, this is the perfect orange shade. 

Now, on to the mascara, they don't call it 3D for nothing! I have a confession to make. I had never worn falsies until recently, I just never been into it. Maybe because I thought that something glued to my eyelids would be uncomfortable but now that I have tried them, I see why women like them. If you are like me and believe that whole gluing ordeal is outrageous, then this mascara will do the trick. 

It's a two step mascara (Transplanting Gel and the 3D Fibers) that individually separates each eyelash and then with step two, you apply these little particles that resemble hair, then you seal them with the first step which is the mascara and voilà! You get fuller, longer eyelashes. The trick is to apply part two while part one is still wet, that way the particles adhere well.

I can't decide which of the two I liked best because both products are simply Younique


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