The Look for Less: Hermès Oran Sandals

by - 7:41 PM

We have seen these sandals EVERYWHERE in a wide array of colors but the most popular ones among Fashion Bloggers and Influencers have to be the brown, white and black which are the most versatile in my opinion. I'm talking about the Hermès Oran Sandals.

If you're on the fence of shelling out nearly $1000 for these coveted sandals, I want to share with you this amazing find from a store near you that won't break the bank.

Dupes aren't supposed to be the exact same of a product but rather an inspired version of the original which is cool because many brands do that these days for more accessibility to people's budgets.

While looking for what to wear for my birthday, I came across this pair on sale at H&M. It comes in several colors, to be honest these are a steal for the price. My favorite has to be the white pair which is perfect for all summer looks. If I had to pick another one maybe the pink or black because those are colors I gravitate towards to but I would definitely snatch the white ones before they're gone, the other colors will probably go on sale soon due to season change.

What do you think of these summer sandals? Are they a yay or a nay?


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