2023 Hair Care Routine

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My hair used to be in terrible shape due to the lack of nutrients and some medications, but after putting in a bit more care and following a diet, I have managed to revive my hair.  I wanted to share with you my latest hair care routine and tips that may help some of you get the luscious hair you've always wanted. 

While not all products are designed to give everyone the same results, I guarantee some of these will work wonders for most hair types. 

For some context, my hair is very thick, prone to frizz and needs a lot of hydration due to the heat and humidity where I'm currently at.

  1. Biosilk Silk Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner: This is a great set and it smells amazing! I prefer a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner since I get capillary surgeries by a professional. So it's recommended to use sulfate-free to prolong the effect.
  2. Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector: This is a hair mask I use when my hair is in really bad shape. If you color your hair or deal with chemicals this will restore your hair and strengthen it. I first doubted this product because I thought it was for women who dyed their hair blonde, but it works in all hair types. 
  3. Salerm 21 B5 Silk Protein Leave-In Conditioner: After washing and conditioning my hair, I apply this leave-in to protect and lock in moisture, this step is a must to achieve salon results if you're doing at home. It helps protect the hair against heat and UV damage which is a must for me since I'm currently living in the Dominican Republic. 
  4. Moroccan Oil Treatment: I apply this amazing oil after blow-drying/flat-ironing my hair to add a finishing touch. I put a little on my ends and sides of my hair because I don't like weighing the hair down with too many products. This product isn't greasy and absorbs quite well. You can also apply this prior to blow-drying on damp hair. 
  5. Tricovit Forte Hair Lotion: If you're suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, this product is a miracle. I used this for about 2-3 months because I was experiencing some hair loss and I couldn't believe how fast my hair recovered after this. A hair stylist recommended it and I wanted to share this little kept secret with all of you. I hope it works like a it did for me.  I used it once a week after washing my hair and prior blow-dry. Apply on the scalp only.
  6. GNC Women's Ultra NourishHair Vitamins: If you're lacking essential vitamins due to dietary deficiencies, this has been the product that has helped speed-up hair growth and also nail growth for me. I used this for many years but since I no longer need it, I discontinued it. The only con about these is they are huge pills LOL but they do work. Be patient and take consistently for a a few month and you'll begin to see results. 
  7. BabylissPro Flat Iron 1 Inch: While I don't recommend a lot of heat if you're trying to get your hair healthy, I do need to use it once in a while and also to do some styling. This one takes care of a lot of needs as it's a versatile tool recommended by pro hair stylists. You can curl and straighten your hair with this. It leaves your hair shiny and silky. Just make sure to use leave-in with heat protection or a heat protectant. 
  8. Wet Brush Detangling Brush: This brush is fantastic to detangle wet or dry hair. I no longer struggle to detangle my hair whenever I do it myself. You need this in your life.

One important thing I must add is to get your hair trimmed every 3 months at least, to keep those ends in check. This step is crucial!

That's all girls! I hope these products can help you address some of your hair concerns. 
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Thanks for reading! ^__^ 


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