Elizavecca: Magic For Your Hair

by - 7:20 PM

I'm always looking for new innovative hair products that optimize the health of my hair and I wanted to share my latest gems. For context, my hair is in no way damaged, but it's thick, prone to frizz and of wavy/curly texture. I get capillary surgeries every 3-4 months and wash it maybe once a week sometimes a week and a half. I get my hair trimmed every 2-3 months also. In between treatments, I take advantage to apply deep treatments, protein, and any hair growth serums so that way the processes I get done last longer if you do prior. 

I stumbled across this line of hair products on Instagram and after seeing the rave on them I decided to give them a try so I can apply them during the break period I take to nourish my hair before I apply the anti-frizz process. 

I have previously used Olaplex No.3 (you can read my review here) as a protein treatment and while it's an amazing product the bottle is way too small for all the hair I have that I could barely use it maybe 3 times. So after reading reviews many people compare Elizavecca as a good affordable alternative to this protein treatment and its essence oil. I wouldn't say is a dupe for Olaplex but to be honest they work maybe even better. 

First off, the price is unbelievable for the quality of product you'r getting, they cost less than $10 dollars each. I purchased mine on Amazon and they came in a super cute and creative packaging which I appreciate.

I applied the Elizavecca Cer-100 Collagen Coating Protein Treatment after shampooing my hair and left it on my hair 10 minutes then applied my conditioner. I'm currently using Nexxus Therappe Humectress when I wash my hair at home. I then applied leave-in conditioner and got my hair blow-dried and flat-ironed because all the chemicals I use are wearing off, so the flat iron helps keep the hair under control for longer until the next wash. 

After hair is washed, styled and all that, I applied a few drops to my hands of the Elizavecca Cer-100 Hair Essence Oil, while it says you apply this prior blow drying, I used a bit in those areas for extra moisture. I personally don't like to saturate the hair with oil, I simply use a bit cause that will help extend the hair washes. Next time I will use this prior blow-drying to test its efficacy as a leaving product. But so far so good, I really liked the glossy effect and smell. 

My hair ended up soft, shiny and frizz-free which is what I always strive for! I recommend these 100%!


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