Forever 21 Haul

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Today I wanted to share a few goodies I got at Forever 21 and instead of doing a video I decided to do a picture haul ( videos are time consuming for me and I don't really have the time at the moment).

Forever 21 has been getting so many cool and inexpensive things these days, that I am truly amazed by the quality of their garment and accessories. Well, without any further ado, I took some pictures for you and if you see something you want a more detailed review, leave me a comment =)

I love corsets but I am starting to love the cropped corset trend a lot more and as soon as I saw this one I fell in love, looks really cute =) I got size small and fits awesome 

I love polka dots! But what I really love about these pants is that it looks like a skirt =) and feels so comfy! Got size small 
You know me and bows lol I can't live without them =) so I got these metallic rings  which I found adorable! I don't like wearing rings because I tend to lose them but once in a while I like wearing them and these are a must have! I also found these cool pyramid bracelets in neon colors which are really in right now if you pair them with funky neon pants or shoes. Another great item I found was this beautiful neon pink spiked necklace. Can't wait to style it!
Sorry about the bra straps lol, I was doing some chores xD hehe
One of my FAVE FINDS was this beautiful quilted mint bag. I had been searching for the perfect mint purse and I am so happy I found it! Great price too! I think I paid like $22 bucks or less because I had 15%  off when I ordered it online. It also comes in white I believe. Strap length is OK, It's longer than I thought but that's because I'm only 5'3, but what I do is do like a little twist on the strap on top and wear it that way if I want it to be shorter =)
You can also remove the straps and use another one that you have from another purse which is cool.
OMG, love these gladiator sandals, so comfy! I got size 6, I'm usually a size 6.5 but Forever 21 shoe sizes are very irregular, if you have wider foot go next size up as they don't have half sizes! These come in other neutral colors but the ones I loved were the ones in taupe color.
Last but not least, MY FAVE purchase! These blue/indigo heels are beyond words! WOW they look much more expensive that what you pay for. The stones are well glued and they sparkle like crazy! So beautiful! I recommend these for prom night, b'day ocassion, and you can even get away with wearing them on a night at the club! They look awesome against hot pink and fuchsia skinny jeans =)  They are comfy, the heel isn't too high or too low, I got them in size 6 but I'm usually a size 6.5 but since I got extra narrow feet, 6 was the size that worked. If you got wide feet get next size up.
I hope you enjoyed this haul! Have a great night or morning hehe depending on what country you are now!

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  1. wow, I love these blue pumps!!! love love love them! gotta see if I can find them here in Vienna!!

    1. =) yes they are a gem! Hope you find them =)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. i have the pink cropped corset from forever 21 as well :) i was wondering what you wore with it ? shorts or skirt? and what color ? im in love with your style !!

  3. I wore it briefly but couldn't do proper pictures, I wore a black pleated skirt, with a buttoned see through shirt in cream and unbuttoned the shirt a bit so its visible. I will wear this again and do some pics so you have a better idea. I also would wear this with high waisted shorts in black or blue and wear a short cardigan or a 3/4 sleeve blazer in purple color =) I will do a post soon on how to wear this type of tops, they are so in at the moment and you don't really have to show your belly button if you don't wish. Thanks Nicole for stopping by and also thanks for the lovely comment, I hope this helps. =)

  4. Hello I actually purchased that exact same mint green purse, and it's one of my very favorite finds as well -- totally in love with it. I agree tho that the strap is way longer than I expected (I'm only 5'1). But just a tip, I actually was able to literally SHORTEN the strap myself! So easy! I measured how long I really wanted the strap to be, marked it, then took a really pointy/narrow pliers, and on one end of the strap where I wanted to take off, stuck the pliers right inside the center opening of the chainlink and with some muscle power I forced the chainlink open. Then I unhooked the excess chains I didn't want, snipped off the excess strap fabric with scissors, stiched it with matching thread...and after that, I just forced the chain closed, and voila! No need to twist the strap on top or anything! Looks clean and as if it came in that length. Now it's just perfect. Sounds like a bit of work but it's well worth it. All it is is unhooking a chainlink where you want it, take out the extras, and closing the chainlink. :) Hope that helps. It worked for me.

    1. Great tip Diamond! =) I will put it to the test! =D